Tac-Force Folding Karambit Review – Use a Knife that Works

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  • Item: Tac-Force Speedster ModelTac-Force Folding Karambit
  • Best Price: $8.06 @ Amazon.com
  • Description: Folding knife w/ Karambit Blade
  • Size: 3″ Blade, 4″ Handle: Total: 7″
  • My Rating: 9.0 out of 10

The Tac-Force Folding Karambit, Product Overview

No matter what I’m doing or where I am, I find that a good pocket knife is the most versatile tool a person can own. As a martial artist that specializes in personal security, I want something that is easy to get to, fits well in my hand and can hold an edge. This little jewel is the one knife in my collection that does all that.

Product Features

The Clip: The clip on one side of the handle is held on to the knife by a rivet and two retaining screws. The low profile of the clip does not limit gripping left or right handed; I’ve done both. The smooth inside of the clip makes it better suited to keep inside a pocket, but the strong spring steel of the clip holds it relatively well to a waist band or belt.

The Blade: The hook-billed shape of the blade takes some getting used to, but is a great design for several functions. The sharp tip of the blade serves well for a puncturing device. The edge – though not razor sharp – serves very well for a utility knife and its shape ensure the use of almost all the blade depending on what you are cutting. After two years of ownership, the blade has only required periodic steeling and the occasional swipe against a honing stone.

The Handle: Made of Stainless steel, the handle fits very nicely in almost every size hand.  The rearward metal arc in the spine of the handle makes resting against the palm very natural.

Opening and Closing: The three ways of opening makes one-handed and two-handed operation a snap!. The blade is wide enough that a person can hold the handle and pull the blade out without any struggle. The two-sided thumb nut (one on each side of the blade serves for left and right handed operation. Finally, a tab located under the blade serves both as a finger guard (when open) and for an index finger push lever for quick opening. When open, the spring steel locking mechanism snaps under the blade and holds the blade in the open position. A push with a thumb releases the blade and allows it to close. No accidental closure or blade release is possible because of the recessed nature of the locking spring.

Benefits – What makes it great?

Index finger ring: The ring over the index finger allows control over the knife even if the handle is not resting in the palm. This permits grabbing and then a recapture of the knife to do the cutting.

Weight: The weight of the knife allows for use as a fist weight even when the knife is closed. With the blade open, it’s a double threat as you can hit your target to daze and then cut where necessary.

Single-handed Operation: There are two (2) ways to open the blade with one hand; the thumb nut on the back of the blade and the index push lever on the spine of the handle.

Drawbacks – Where are the Challenges?

Loose blade over time: Just like all lock-bladed knives, the blade starts to wobble in the handle a bit. This makes closing the knife single-handed a challenge as the tips sometimes gets caught on the handle and need to be readjusted before full closure is possible.

Paint wears off after long use: The stainless steel body doesn’t hold the paint very well over time. This is expected as the knife is inserted and removed from one’s pocket repeatedly and the knife is used.

Learning curve: Those accustomed to standard knives might find a minor challenge as they learn to use the hooked blade and the reverse-grip holding position with any accuracy. Both challenges can be overcome with time and practice.

Recommendations – Is the Knife Worth it?

I have had a Tac-Force Folding Karambit for two (2) years now and I feel naked without carrying mine. I learned to use the reverse-grip with as much or more accuracy as I have a standard knife. The index ring allows me to release the hold on the knife and use my hand as if I had nothing in it and then return the knife to my hand at will.

I learned to get past the slight wobble in the blade by using my thumb to push the blade into place and then close it the rest of the way. I love the weight in my pocket and the feel in my hand. I will never buy a knife of any other kind if I have to replace this one.

The strong, thick blade has allowed me to use it as a small pry bar when I needed it. I have used it on a regular basis single my purchase in 2016. I would highly recommend purchasing this knife if you want something reliable for standard use as well as personal security.

Author: Brent Duncan

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