10 Best Self Defense Weapons – 2019

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Just like any other profession, martial arts has their tools. There are the traditional weapons – swords, staffs, ropes and chains. Combat systems have knives, firearms, less-than-lethal (LTL) devices and batons. It’s also a common question as to what the best self defense weapon is.  Your respective government may or may not allow you to have a device to help you keep yourself “safe”, so I highly recommend you research your local and state laws prior to purchasing anything on this list.

What a person should look for is something they can incorporate into their normal lives, have handy when they need it and is simple to use. We will be using this criteria as we look at this year’s picks for self defense weapons.

As time keeps marching forward, manufacturers devise new ways to keep us safe. In this article, we will examine the ten (10) best self defense weapons we found for the average person to use to keep themselves safe. We may miss some, so if you have anything you want to add, there is a link at the top of the article for comments and I am usually available on messengers; bottom right corner.

10. Little Viper Pepper Spray Bracelet

Little Viper Pepper Spray Bracelet
Little Viper Pepper Spray Bracelet

Manufacturer:  Little Viper

Available at: Amazon.com

Price: $21.99

Description: Adjustable Silicone Band, Lightweight, Discreet and Easy Access For Quick Response
to Attack, Contains 3-6 Bursts of 10% OC, Cannot Ship to MA or NY

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 Stars


  • ACCESSIBLE AND EASY TO USE: It only takes an instant for an attack to happen. The patented design of your Little Viper bracelet lets you react quickly – no fumbling in your purse or pocket for a canister.
  • EASY-TO-CARRY, CONVENIENT PROTECTION: Ideal for jogging, heading to class, walking the dog, or any time you need a personal safety device while keeping your hands free for other things
  • DISCREET, COMFORTABLE SAFETY: Walking around with a bulky safety spray canister in your hand is awkward. The adjustable silicone wristband and cleverly concealed canister means no one will know you’re carrying it.
  • MAXIMUM STRENGTH: With 10% oleoresin capsicum (pepper spray), this discreet device packs a knockout punch from up to 3 feet, so you’re always out of reach of your attacker.
  • FREE TRAINING COURSE + REPLACEMENT PROGRAM: Packaging includes free digital access to our in-depth pepper spray course and a limited warranty in case you have to use your Little Viper in self-defense.



  • REQUIRES TWO HAND OPERATION – There is no guarantee that you are going to be able to get your other hand to your wrist.
  • YOU GET HIT TOO – The area of effect aspect of pepper spray will effect you as well as the attacker so a bit of mental preparation is required.
  • SHELF LIFE AND REFILL – Requires refilling after canister empties.
  • CONCEALMENT RESTRICTS EFFECTIVENESS – There is only a 3 foot range. This means that any clothing that covers the device will restrict the range of the device.
  • LIMITED AREA AVAILABILITY – You cannot get this device if you live in MA or NY because of local legislation.


If you are a runner, a cyclist or spend extended periods of time out where you think there might be a security risk, this is the perfect tool for you. It does leaves your hands free while you are running or operating your bike. It weighs about the same as a large watch, so you are not off-balanced by the extra weight. You can wear it on the hand opposite to your fit-bit and that will even you out.


9. Tactical Pen for Self-Defense & LED Flashlight

Tactical Pen and Flashlight

Manufacturer:  TakeFlight (TM)

Available at: Amazon.com

Price: $16.97

Description: Everyday Carry (EDC) Survival Gear for Police, Military, First Responders | Penlight for Doctors & Nurses | Feel Safe with this Tool in Your Pocket

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 Stars


  • RUGGED & HEAVY DUTY – Used by Military Pilots, Navy SEALs, SWAT, Marines, and First Responders. If you’ve had issues with pens breaking in your pocket or bag and ruining your gear, this is the perfect solution to your problem
  • HAVE THE COOLEST PEN IN YOUR OFFICE! – No More Wussy Plastic Pens for You. Impress Your Co-Workers and Friends with this High-Quality Pen with a Built-In LED Flashlight. Clip to your MOLLE System, Belt, or Pouch Holster or Carry in Your Pocket, Briefcase, Laptop Bag, Backpack, Purse, or Bug-out Bag. Perfect to Write in Your Rite-in-the-Rain Book.
  • DON’T GET TRAPPED – Emergency Rescue Glass Breaker Can be Utilized to Crack, Smash, or Break a Window for Escape from a Car or Truck. Perfect Accessory for Military, Police, Emergency Responders, and Every-day Carry (EDC).


  • IS IT A PEN OR A TOOL? – Requires a mental shift to realize that almost anything can be used as a weapon. Are you going to consider this while being attacked?
  • SMOOTH SURFACE – Combat can get bloody – let’s face it – and you are going to want something you can hang onto.
  • NO TRAINING MATERIAL – Requires further instruction to learn how to use as a weapon.
  • HAS TWO AREAS THAT REQUIRE REFILLING – The ink and the battery for the flashlight will periodically require replacement.


As an affordable tactical pen, this one shines bright – pun intended – and serves its purpose. It’s great for when you want something in your hand at the time of attack or if you need a light quickly. It is easily carried and accessible depending on where you carry it. This is perfect for the office worker or someone out on the street and needs commonly-used tools; pen, flashlight or fist-weight.


8. VIPERTEK VTS-T03 – Aluminum Series 53 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun – Rechargeable with LED Tactical Flashlight, Pink

ViperTek VTS-T03 – Flashlight and stun gun

Manufacturer:   ViperTek

Available at: Amazon.com

Price: $12.98

Description: Available in black and pink. Rechargeable flashlight and stun gun.

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 Stars



  • Heavy Duty Stun Gun with 350 Lumen Tactical Flashlight
  • Type III aircraft grade aluminum alloy body with anti-roll design; 100,000-hour bulb
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery – No expensive batteries to buy. Convenient Size: 6.75″
  • With a  little looking at the site, you will be able to find other colors; black, gray, blue and red
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • LIMITED SHIPPING AREAS – Due to restrictions in some states, county and city laws thee company does not ship to the following locations: Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, Connecticut, New Jersey, Illinois, New York, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, District of Columbia, Annapolis, MD, Baltimore, MD, Chicago, IL, Philadelphia, PA, Baltimore County, MD, Crawford County, IA.
  • IS IT CHARGED? – There is no battery indicator on the device. The best thing to do is test the flashlight and the stun device monthly to ensure a good charge.


The most stunning – pun intended – thing about this product is the color and the loud sound it makes when fired. The aircraft aluminum barrel makes it idea for a hand weight. If you get caught in a dark place somewhere and someone means you harm, it will serve as a good deterrent as no one want to feel what that loud buzzing sound feels like. You can also shine the light quickly in someone’s eyes and temporarily shock/blind them. My opinion is that this is a good purchase for the price, but there are better ones out on the market that will cost you substantially more.


7.The Indestructible Umbrella

The Indestructible Umbrella
The Indestructible Umbrella

Manufacturer:   The Indestructible Umbrella

Available at: Amazon.com

Price: $29.99


You can walk visibly at night with reflective material on the tips. || Vented canopy || Auto open auto close, 43 inch canopy. || Protects against rain and other elements such as muggers, or large dogs. || Walk with confidence with a perfectly legal umbrella/protection device. || Carry anywhere on the street in office buildings, even an airport! || Owner/Dealer 5 year limited warranty.

Rating: 5 out of 5


  • Brand-new authentic merchandise.
  • Handy for elements like rain or attackers, legal to carry anywhere.
  • Reflective material on tips for visibility, vented canopy, 43 inches open.
  • Auto open, auto close.
  • Owner/Dealer 5 year limited warranty.


  • NOT VERY MENACING-LOOKING – Come on, now!! It’s an umbrella!! Right? The commonplace look might not keep someone from thinking they can take advantage.
  • JUST AS LIKELY TO GET STOLEN AS TO PROTECT YOU – I mean, look at it!! That’s a pretty cool umbrella. Included in the umbrella function is also the ability to use it as a sap and a baton that can take a full baseball bat swing at a heavy bag and you have something that is pretty neat.


Ok, I’m getting one of these myself. Not only can it serve its function as an umbrella, but it should be able to handle the punishment that I put my equipment through. It’s even being endorsed by a martial arts school I know as a functional self defense tool and they were pretty hard on it.


6. Survival Gear Kits 13 in 1

13-in-1 Survival kit

Manufacturer:   TRSCIND

Available at: Amazon.com

Price: $25.00

Description: Outdoor emergency survival tool kit with 13 useful tools.

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 Stars


  • Highly useful tools geared for several outdoor situations
  • Costs less for the whole kit than it would to purchase the separate components of similar quailty
  • Dual clip on the knife lends versatility and can be used outside the kit for everyday use.
  • The tactical pen is better quality than expected.
  • Fire striker is high quality.
  • Fast and quality customer service if anything goes wrong.


  • Flashlight does not have an internal battery and the kit does not have batteries – not ready-to-use
  • Compass could be of better quality
  • Hard to repack.
  • No instructions with kit. Further research required to use all the tools.


The fire-starter, tactical pen, flashlight and the saw make price of the kit worth it. It’s a great emergency kit is you don’t already have the tools with you. The pen and knife can be used every day with a little work on the blade if you intend constant use. Refreshing the batteries in the flashlight isn’t all that hard and carrying a spare set would be recommended. The price of the kit means that if you had to ditch some or all of the kit in a dire situation, there would not be that much of a loss if it meant survival. I could this kit as a great vehicle or go-bag kit if nothing else was available.


5. World’s Smallest Guard Dog Keychain Stun Gun

Hand-held taser and flashlight

Manufacturer:   Guard Dog Security

Available at: Amazon.com

Price: $24.43

Description: 6 million Volt stun gun and LED Flashlight; not available to certain locations

Rating: 3.6 out of 5 Stars


  • Useful flashlight
  • Small enough to carry in a pocket
  • Loud sound deterrent upon firing
  • Confidence of having a security device at hand.
  • Wall plug charger built into the device.


  • Need to dig in a pocket if attacked suddenly
  • Need to arm the device before it can be fired. Practice quickly arming is required.
  • No safety/disarm strap. It can be knocked out your hand and used against you. If you have important keys attached, that’s even worse.


This might be good as a backup tool, but not as a first-line defense. Digging into a pocket at the time of attack is the worst thing you can do, but having this device somewhere on your person if trying to escape a bad situation would be ideal. It’s definitely an “after everything went south” type of device.



4. Angazure 17 in 1 Tactical Survival Kit

17-in-1 Wilderness survival kit.

Manufacturer:   Angazure

Available at: Amazon.com

Price: $35.99

Description: The Multi-Purpose Outdoor Survival Gear Kit — includes flashlight, tactical military knife, hand rope, whistle, tool card, fire starter, fire scraper, saw, fishing line, fish hook, fish sinker, connector, float, black sturdy box, and velvet bag.

Rating: 4.2 out of 5 Stars


  • Everyday useful tools mixed with tools beneficial when you find yourself outdoors in an emergency situation.
  • The provided 18650 rechargeable battery and charging cable means less buying of batteries and a longer lasting battery.
  • The canister that holds the tanto-style blade can be filled with oil to keep the blade from rusting and provide a cooking oil in a pinch.
  • The fire striker, flashlight and saw are all high quality.
  • The parachord bracelet is a wearable emergency tool with multiple uses by itself. A must-have for outdoor types.


  • The more permanent items could have been replaced by materials that could get you out of a jam; like a compass, a blanket or a small crank-style transistor radio. The fishing line and hooks would have been better replaced by first aid items like sutures and sterile thread.


This is kit is best suited for the hobbiest camper or the diehard survivalist. Without a way to tell directions,  way to stitch up wounds or even a  blanket to make a shelter, the person in an emergency could potentially start a fire and see their way in the dark, but not by much. The knife isn’t a quick enough drawto be useful if attacked unless it was already out. Put together with its case, it would make a pretty useful hand weight, but this is more of a wilderness survival kit than anything useful for urban survival.

3. Titanium Triangle Keychain Tool

Titanium triangle self defense tool

Manufacturer:   TI-EDC

Available at: Amazon.com

Price: $19.99

Description: Titanium triangle self defense tool. Made from Titanium Alloy (TC4). Length 50mm (1.97 in), Width 8mm (.3 in)

Rating: 3.9 out of 5 Stars


  • The titanium allow means that it will not break or rust.
  • It is small and easily concealable.
  • Easily mistaken for a piece of jewelry or a key chain fob.
  • Versatile tool (not for just self defense) if you know how to adapt it to the other uses.


  • Very small. Does not fit the uses some other buyers had in mind for it.
  • Product inconsistency. Some people have complained about sharp edges in the places you put your fingers.
  • No information for possible alternate uses.


This is a perfect substitute for the “Phoenix Eye” knuckle some martial artists use in their systems. If you do not have strong hands or if you are concerned about injuring your hand in combat, then this is the piece for you. I love both the concealable nature and the fact that it has multiple uses for such a simple design. I would say it is well worth the cost.


2. Empty-handed Self Defense Training

Krav Maga training versus blunt and edged weapons

Manufacturer:   David Kahn

Available at: Amazon.com

Price: $74.99

Description: 400 minutes of video training versus impact and edged weapons.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars


  • Training video about the currently most popular “self defense” system .
  • Learn at your own pace in the privacy of your own home.
  • Multiple angles and quality instruction from a master instructor


  • Since this is about weapon defense, people might get the wrong idea and not understand that these techniques can be used whether or not you have a weapon or the other person does.
  • Though it is assumed by those who have trained for years, any martial system requires diligent training and constant and consistent practice. You will not be able to defend yourself overnight without repetition.
  • Not for people who are looking for a quick fix to a problem.


What better weapon than your own body to use in a self defense situation? It cannot be taken away from you and there is no legal issues regarding carrying a weapon or premeditated assault with a weapon. Though Krav Maga was initially designed for military/paramilitary use, it still has some value in the private sector. The body mechanics and mentality of simultaneous attack and defense are definitely quality. The strategies are sound even if the psychology of “damage the attacker” are not. You will want to review your local laws and adapt your defense style before you attempt to use these techniques to avoid legal issues. Regardless, the instructor is first-rate and his teaching is quality and easy to follow. I would also recommend getting a training partner to help pressure test all of the techniques shown and give you a real life person to practice with. Your training partner will escalate your understanding to heights training alone cannot reach.


1. Your Brain – No, this is not a joke.

Manufacturer:   Your parents

The Brain
This is your brain at work

Available at: Directly between your shoulders and above and behind your eyes

Price: Free

Description: By far the most effective self defense tool you can have.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars


  • The world’s fastest and most accurate difference engine available; if you train it to do so.
  • Able to perform threat assessment and crisis prevention.
  • Programmable and regular updates available.
  • Customization – you can train your brain to do anything you want it to do.
  • By using your brain, you can stay out of situations that would require you to use any of the previously mentioned tools; though almost all of them are useful in case of brain momentary brain malfunction.


  • It takes time to rewrite bad programming; which is what most victims of violent crimes have.
  • Unless trained to do so, doesn’t work well under stress or when you are suffering from oxygen deprivation or an adrenaline boost.
  • Can easily be overridden by ego or the desire for revenge.


This truly is not a joke. The first weapon you should use to keep yourself safe is your brain. You should train yourself to recognize a potential threat, avoid the threat if possible, negotiate if avoidance is not possible, use indirect methods to escape the threat and, if all else fails, protect yourself from incoming attacks. By performing the first four (4) techniques, you might just buy yourself enough time to get your self defense tool in your hand. If not, having some form of martial training will come in handy until you can either escape or get to your self defense tool.

Final thoughts

Attacks happen. There are people out there that would rather take from you what they want than work for it themselves; whether it is your money, your safety, your sense of self worth or your body.

It always helps to have an edge up on these people as they will not stop until they either get what they want or you do something to dissuade them from trying. The tools mentioned in this review are designed to do the latter. Whether it is the confidence built by knowing you are carrying one or more of these tools with you that will make you look like less of a target to human predators or the willingness to use them if you don’t, there is no substitute for being prepared.

I strongly recommend purchasing any of these tools you find fits your lifestyle best or – at the very least – seek out a qualified instructor that teaches reality-based self defense and practice your heart out.

Happy Training,

Sensei Brent Duncan – 39 years of martial experience and creator of Kyo-Jitsu Ryu (The School of Passive Resistance).

Author: Brent Duncan

2 thoughts on “10 Best Self Defense Weapons – 2019

  1. Hey Duncan!

    I absolutely love this post!! I love looking at different types of self defense weapons/knives and guns! I had no idea there was a stun gun for dogs!

    I wish I had known about that before! When I was knocking doors there was this one day where I was approached by a hostile dog at two different times!

    Then another day I went through a gate and two hostile pit bulls came around racing around the corner…I thought I was going to die.

    When I start knocking doors again I am going to get me one of these!

    Thanks again man!

    All the Best,


    1. Thank you, Chris, for the kind words. I love your excitement about the smallest stun gun. I have good and bad news about the. Guard Dog is the name of the company. The good news is you can use any teaser on dogs as well as humans.
      I hope this helps.

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